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I'm not going to tell you what to do with your computer.  Many of you that I have heard from have been very happy with Windows 10 and that's great.  I enjoy running it on my newer PCs as well and have enjoyed it for several months without any significant problems.  On older machines though, or especially computers that were upgraded from something else, it can cause them to run more slowly and some of the errors that were already on the system before the upgrade got carried over into the new installation.  Since Microsoft has become more aggressive in its marketing efforts encouraging everyone to upgrade to Windows 10, even somewhat deceptively by tricking them into upgrading; it just isn't the right move for everyone.


If you have been trying Windows 10 and just aren't happy with it; we can help.  Through the end of the year if you are unhappy with Windows 10 and you want your old operating system back (Windows 7, 8, or 8.1) give me a call and I will reinstall the original OS for you.  I can usually get this done within 24 hours and it will certainly cost less than most of the other guys.  It's your computer so you should get to decide which flavor of Windows you have running.


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Alaska Computer Guy Inc has been licensed and insured to operate as a business in the State of Alaska since our founding in 2005. We value your privacy and respect your confidential information and will happily sign a BAA to that affect. Bush orders are always welcome. You'll pay shipping to have your computer brought in, then I'll fix it and send it back.  Pilot's license not required.